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To mark the occasion of Rhett’s 40th birthday, hundreds of Mythical Beasts sent in heartfelt messages, favorite Rhett moments, images, videos, and more to be part of this year’s RhettandLinKommunity birthday project for Rhett.

Happy Mythical Birthday, Rhett, and enjoy your gifts — with love from the Kommunity and all Mythical Beasts!

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Happy birthday Rhett !!!  My children and I enjoy watching good mythical morning together, and love how we laugh

Dear Rhett Mclaughlin,


I’m writing this letter (or technically email) to wish you a happy birthday. In the theme of your birthday and a day all about you, I think it’s time to look back on all that you have accomplished in 40 years. Between starting up your own company with your lifelong best friend, to writing a book, to moving out to LA, to starting a family. Even though you don’t know me and I’ve never meet you in person, I feel as if I personally know you. And I aspire to be like you everyday. Your high energy, enthusiasm, humor, creativity, and your way with words are all quite admiral and I’d like to commend you for that. Anyway, just keep being you and Happy Birthday!


When I think about Rhett I remember the first time I seen him and Link. It was epic rap battle or history, they were the Wright brothers. I thought they were the funniest people. And I soon became a Mythical Beast!! I love Rhett because he is always funny, always interesting. And he is always an awesome encouragement. And he and Link change me everyday to be my mythical best!! Love you guys!!

Dear Rhett,

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!! I want to thank you for providing me with constant entertainment 5 days a week for the past 5 years. I don't know you (obviously - I live in Boston), but I feel like I do because I get to watch you be your silly self every day. You have inspired me to chase after my dreams no matter how difficult they may be, because maybe I'll be able to bring joy and knowledge to someone's life.

You seem like a genuinely good person, which is pretty hard to come by these days. I am so glad that through all of my lows, I have had GMM and Ear Biscuits and Buddy System and soon, the BOOK OF MYTHICALITY (!!!) to turn to.

Keep up the AMAZING work - you have millions of people who love you for just who you are, myself included. Happy birthday Rhett, I hope it's your best one yet!

Yours mythically,

Rhett make the most of this Birthday! Spend it with the people you love, do what you want to do, and have no regrets!

I want to thank you for everything you do for us Mythical Beasts. You and Link have got me through some rough times and you guys are my favorite part of the day! Keep being you!


At least I'm not 40 haha love you man.

Rhett is awesome because he always makes me laugh and smile happy birthday 🎉

Dear Rhett,

I want to tell you a little story, just before my 40th birthday last year I was diagnosed with a Brain tumour. It was pressing on my frontal lobe and growing towards my optic nerve, I was very lucky my neurologist found it before it took the sight in my left eye. It had to be removed by craniotomy quickly but several complications left me having 2 more operations and left me with a hole in my head and a serious brain infection. I was in hospital for a long time and then stuck at home for even longer. Even now I'm still in recovery and have been left scarred and vulnerable to more infections and even worse my tumour could grow back at any time and this understandably got to me, in fact for the last 6 months I have pretty much isolated myself from all those around me for fear of hurting them due to the brain injury I'm still trying to get through, that is until my wonderful eldest son sent me one of your songs. I'll be honest I wasn't really interested at first, my depression was so strong but then because of his link a lot of your things started popping up on my facebook and youtube pages and I finally caved in and watched "My OCD" and it didn't take long to get hooked.  Within 2 weeks I had binge watched all 12 seasons of GMM, learned all the songs I could find on youtube, started listening to ear biscuits and watching GMM more. I'm trying so hard to think how to explain what you've done for me, you reminded me what its like to laugh, what its like to actually have fun and live again. In essence how lucky I am to still be alive!!! You and Link gave me back my life and my happiness. You've given me the strength to keep fighting and to remember to live every moment and never forget any of it, so Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the wonderfully funny amazing person that you are. Never stop being you! Have a wonderful birthday and remember to live and enjoy every moment.

Thank you again for everything.

Happy Mythical Birthday Rhett! I've been subscribed to Good Mythical Morning for two years now and I have my 1000th episode coin! To remind me of how grateful I am to have you and Link inspire me everyday to be my Mythical best. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your amazing gift of Mythicality! I hope you have a wonderful birthday of Mythicality and eat as many Smokey's as you can!


Dear Rhett,

First off, I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday! Although you may be turning 40 today trust me you don’t look a day over 30. 😉

As well as birthday wishes I just wanted to try and put into words exactly how much you mean to me and millions of other Mythical Beasts around the world. I mean I'm sure we don't all feel exactly the same but I personally have found GMM, Buddy System, Ear Biscuits, all your sketches and music to be a place of solace for me. Somewhere I can always go to make me smile. I feel honoured and very lucky to have met you at VidCon EU, you were super kind and gave good hugs. I just want you to know that you are such an inspiration to so many of us not just because of what you create to internetain us but just in being you and being a thoughtful, kind and generally good human being. The world would be a better place if we had more people like that.

I also want to congratulate you and Link for the beautiful Mythical creation that is the book of Mythicality, every intricate detail and design of the book is perfect. Everyone who worked on it should be extremely proud.

I fear I may be beginning to ramble on, so I'll just close in saying that I hope you have a wonderful day filled with laughter and lots of good food.


Happy Birthday Rhett!

As you’re stepping into your 40s you’ve officially lived 1/3 of your life. I say 1/3 because I’m positive that both you and Link will live until you’re at least 120 with how slowly you two age (thanks to the mysterious Sea Witch – she did good, you should think about interviewing her on Ear Biscuits, I’d say she’s earned herself a promo). I barely even started this ’Happy Bday’ letter and I’ve already gone off on a tangent.

ANYWAY. I hope you have an amazing day celebrating your birthday, surrounded by loved ones and lots of delicious food (I hope you’ll be able to pop that lactose intolerance-control pill so you can enjoy all the dairy goodies as well, at least for the day). I wish you all the health (read: I just want you to never be right about any of your suspicions caused by your hypochondria), happiness and love in the world and I hope that you’ll keep defying time with your youthful energy and relentless zest for life and learning. You and Link are truly a force of nature, both as a duo, as best friends, and individually. Your lives and friendship and how it came to be as well as what it has become and where it brought you is an epic and remarkable phenomenon that I’m sure occurs only once every 100 years or so. And it’s not only your friendship that is inspiring and moving but you two as people, as individuals, are too. Thank you for using your platform and influence to spread positivity and reinforce altruistic values which help make this world a better place. Some of the things I love most about you are your critical thinking, your desire to always learn more, your open-mindedness and curiosity and the fact that you’re a great friend who is always there for others when they need you. Something that I admire and value most about both you and Link and what you do is that you inspire people to be the best they can be not just with your words but your actions as well. You lead by example and that is how people know your kindness, selflessness, warmth, generosity and compassion are genuine. That is how you move people and touch our hearts and that is why you will always be loved and have the support of your audience and all people who know you in everything that you do.

I am so endlessly proud of how far you’ve come and everything that you’ve achieved so far. Your passion, drive, hard work and dedication is what made having so many amazing incredibly successful creations and accomplishments possible (all your YouTube channels, your music, commercials, Ear Biscuits, Buddy System, The Book of Mythicality, The Tour of Mythicality, appearances on TV, numerous awards and you’ve even been considered for a nomination for an Emmy!) and I don’t doubt that the phenomenal achievements will just keep coming and I for one can promise you that I’ll be there to support you in every way I can every step of the way.

Thank you for being such exemplary human beings, bringing people together, spreading love and hapiness – being your Mythical Best. And once again, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and may there be many more (at least 80) to come!

Your eternally grateful and devoted Mythical Beast from Serbia,

Dear Rhett!

Happy BIRTHDAY! My name is Bella , I'm 17+10 months and I'm from Corona California. I am a procrastinator so I am writing this very last minute but I thought it would be nice to participate in a very special event.... that being your birthday. I would like to start off with a very Cliché thank you. I know you probably hear it a lot but it is as sincere as a thank you can be because you not only have helped me through hard times but you have also helped many Mythical beasts. With your new book coming out I have had the oppurtunity to read it early and so far I am in love. Your guys true selves radiates through it completely and makes me understand "Mythicality" even a lot more than before. (Which is a lot) I have always appreciated the creativity you have shared to this world And I cannot wait to the many more years of inspiration you will give to aspiring creators. Thank you for not only making me laugh everyday but for helping me believe that no matter how fast I am growing up I can still find ways to "embrace immaturity" and find creative ways to live life.

Love you Rhett and Happy Birthday!

P.S. I met you guys this last Vidcon and I became not human so I apologize for the awkwardness I presented I just was super nervous that I was meeting the people I appreciate the most. (Besides my parents)

Happy Birthday, Rhett! I hope 40 treats you well. Thanks for providing countless laughs to me and the rest of the Mythical Beasts. I really love how you have a natural ability to make people smile through your videos. Things have been kind of rough for me the past year with health problems and ongoing back problems. It makes it so much harder trying to manage them while being a junior in college. Watching your videos have really helped me stay positive and be my mythical best, regardless of the circumstances in my life. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles and please never forget how much you are loved and appreciated.


Dear Rhett,

Happy Birthday! The past 40 years have never been more mythical. We know most people are writing these letters individually for you, but we decided to write this message together. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for being (half) of the reason that we met and are now best friends! You are intelligent, funny, and kind; moreover, your content and passion to make something mythical has inspired us to heart and soul you pour into the content that enriches our lives, and we cannot wait to meet you in December! Thank again, and have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday Rhett!!!

Me and my brother love watching good mythical morning it has become apart of our daily routine. Thank you for always making us laugh hope you have an awesome birthday.