40 Reasons We Love Rhett Book

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Of all the things I love about Rhett - my favorite is that he is truly himself. Whether it's his ramblings about the apocalypse, his love of food, or his contagious laugh - he is truly authentic. And his behavior encourages us all to be our strange and mythical selves.

I love Rhett because he makes me laugh and hes loving

I love Rhett because he helped me when I had emotional problems and had difficult situations, he made me laugh and I forgot my problems and I think this is a nice way to thank him.

I love Rhett because anytime I feel sad and want to cry, he can make me laugh. Rhett has shown me to not be afraid to express who I really am to the world and I am so thankful for that. Rhett shows me that no matter how old you are either your five years old or eighty, you can still have fun and laugh. Age doesn't matter. I don't know what I would do without seeing Rhett and link's faces every week day Morning. Thank you Rhett, for being there for everyone of us mythical beasts. Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because of his beard and some of his funny responses to things that happen

I love Rhett because he always makes me smile. 😁

I love Rhett because he is so different and unique from anyone else.  He is hilarious, but he can still be completely serious, like in his Medium article. He really cares about so many things (Including beans:)) and just an awesome person.

I love Rhett because no matter how odd or unexplainable Link may be at times, Rhett never questions their friendship. We all need a friend like Rhett. (And someone to rub our necks)

I love Rhett because he's not afraid to speak up about things that bother him. He thinks twice, maybe three times before commenting on important topics and is always ready to use someone as an example to put negativity in its place. Thanks to Rhett, I've made amazing business connections that have turned into friendships. Rhett, your humor is relatable, you have amazing taste in music and you're extremely loyal. Awesome qualities! Hey! What does it feel like to be *whispers* 40? You've got 11 days on me. Just @ me on twitter! Happy Birthday!

I love Rhett because he's like a dad, a brother, and a friend all at once. Whenever he tells a dad joke, or says something heartfelt to Link, or tweets something relatable I can't help but smile. He is a bright spot in my life that can make me feel better no matter how down I am. He inspires me to do things I wouldn't otherwise have the motivation to even begin. I aspire to someday be half the man Rhett is.

I love Rhett because he has his jams. He loves his monk temple music pool sanctuary. He drinks tea. He's cool with having a man bun. He makes squirrel sounds. He is Rhett Mclaughlin and he embraces that with his tallness and swoopy hair. I love him because he is him. 

Rhett never ceases to make me laugh, and always has the best responses to Link.  When I feel like nothing can put a smile on my face, you guys always do.  Thank you for being you, and being your mythical best!

I love Rhett because he is the most interesting man in the world!

I love Rhett because he has the coolest friendship I have ever seen!

I love Rhett because he plays the guitar (something I always wanted to do and string instruments are my favorite!)

I love Rhett because he has tons of stories!

I love Rhett because he is super tall!

I love Rhett because his smile makes me smile! (laugh too)

I love Rhett because he has the best hair on Youtube! (my opinion)

I love Rhett because he can sing beyond very well! (whoo)

I love Rhett because he is hilarious and part of one of the best friendships I have ever seen. Happy Birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he's not afraid to be himself and sometimes even make a fool of himself, but he also keeps Link grounded and from going overboard. Happy birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because there is no one else like him.

I love that he never really "grew up". I love his curiosity and creativity, his dorkiness and adventuresness. I love that he loves exploration and going places, but that simultaneously is just as happy in his backyard watching the sun set while strumming his guitar. I love his heart, and that he greatly values kindness and compassion. I love his loyalty to Link and everyone he cares about. I love that despite his height he is the warmest, gentlest person, and you know you would be safe with him. I love how he always speaks his truth and how passionate he is about topics that are important to him. I love that he is unapologetically himself, and marches to the beat of his own drum. So, Rhett, *raises glass* here's to you and a milestone reached, happy 40th❤

I love Rhett because of the way he makes himself laugh.

(40's not so bad)

I love Rhett because no matter what hard times are going on in the world or in my own life, I know I'm one chick away from Rhett doing or saying something funny that's puts a smile on my faces, its an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with us, Happy 40th Birthday you beautiful man


I love Rhett because of his reactions, the way he gets excited about even the simplest things is always hilarious, and cause he makes the food in front of him disappear, Magic.

I love Rhett beacuse....

★ He's the taller one. (JK!)

★ He's such a gentle and smart guy!

★ He's an awesome narrator and storyteller!

★ He's so dad. (eh?)

★ His smile is like a warm sunshine

★ He laughed at his joke but it's ok. I found that funny too!

★ He always has interesting ideas and tweet weird things!

★ He loves food!

Happy Birthday, Rhett! or should I say สุขสันต์วันเกิด!

I love Rhett because he's so funny. If I'm having a bad day, I can just pull up a GMM playlist and it always makes me laugh. He's also easy on the eyes which doesn't hurt and he has good taste in dogs. I have a maltipoo also.

I love Rhett because he's into DC universe.

I love Rhett because he likes to keep his opinions to himself but doesn't finch to speak up when it needs to be addressed.

I love Rhett because he doesn't hold back from explaining things that could have been seemingly "ignored" and that means he cares.

I love Rhett because he's passionate for things he do and would defend those things to the nines.

I love Rhett because like my best friend, he bears with his friend even when he's being really squeamish/picky while dealing with very normal stuff.

I love Rhett because he knows fire ants are scary.

I love Rhett because he recommended me the best non-fic books I could ever read.

So, thank you Rhett James McLaughlin, I wish the next 40 years of your life will be even better and you should know, so far, you've won the "Dangerous game".

I Love Rhett because of his sweet calm nature, his sense of humor and the fact the he has one of the best most contagious laughs I've ever heard! 🙂 Rhett reminds me of myself in ways. Also I love how goofy he is! 🙂 Happy Birthday Rhett! ^.^

I love Rhett because he is not afraid to explore creativity, either musically, artistically, comedic or even scientifically. It is inspiring to hear about his passions, interests, views on the world and 'layers'. Rhett, to me, you confirm that life is about keeping an open mind towards new experiences while staying true to yourself. I wish you a very happy birthday!

I love Rhett because he is hilarious and he is amused by simple things like food and restaurants. He is the kind of person you feel like you've met before, or even have known for years even though you never have.

Happy Birthday Rhett (Shahbaz)!

Oh, and I also love Rhett because his laugh is amazing 🙂

I love Rhett because he can make the simplest & most mundane moment into something that is truly fun & engaging. When he gets excited over something seemingly basic or takes the opportunity to make a silly pun or turns a discussion into a riveting conversation, it's amazing how that can make anyone watching so cheerful and, to an extent, carefree. How he can lift spirits at any given time or just crack a inane yet hilarious joke randomly and make everyone laugh is just awesome.

Happy birthday, Rhett!!

I love Rhett because he brightens my day and makes me smile when I'm feeling down. Rhett and Link are doing good in this world by acting as a bright ray of joy and fun that brightens the day of all of their viewers and I appreciate them both for that. *Cheers from my dad and I who always watch together with our GMM mugs in hand* 😉

I also love Rhett because he loves beans!

I love Rhett because he always knows how to lick the daddy, and because he has the perfect face for ANY occasion! He can always make me laugh with his eyebrow movements, or the confused look in his eyes when Link says something stupid.

Happy Birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is a Renaissance Man, an outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person.

I love Rhett because he is the bearded half of the best part of most of my days. Rhett is unashamed to show how much he cares about others, especially his best friend, even when it embarrasses Link. He is a gentle giant, a genuinely kind and generous human, and would jump at the chance help a stranger if the opportunity arose. He inspires me daily to Be My Mythical Best. Happy 40th, Rhett!

With Love and Mythicality,

I love Rhett because he's the perfect mix of irreverence and sincerity.

I love Rhett because he make me laugh . I also love his hair because it looks like ice cream and ocean waves.

I love Rhett because he makes me so happy and I couldn't imagine my life without him in it to entertain my everyday. Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he has an incredible beard

I love Rhett because he makes facial hair look trendy.

Hi my name is Chloe and I'm 17 from the England UK.

I love Rhett because he's such a funny guy. His smile always brightens up my day when I'm down and his attitude towards the episode always brings a smile on my face. Wether he wants to eat a food item or not he will give it a go and conquer things. Rhett is one of my inspirations and this is why I Iove him.

I love Rhett because his laugh is hilarious!  He can be very calm and zen, but also he can freak out and be really funny.  Happy 40th Rhett!

He is THE Rhett in Rhett and Link.

I love Rhett because of his personality and his beard!

I love Rhett because of that beard

I love Rhett because he has an AMAZING beard.

Also I subscribed to you guys!

I love Rhett because he is always so enthusiastic about what he is doing. Even when he has to eat trash (sometimes literal trash), he tries to find the bright side despite the fact that there really isn't a bright side and he's actually just about to eat something awful. I also loved what he wrote regarding Charlottesville. I know he and Link prefer to stay apolitical, but it was great that he chose to speak out and share his perspective. He is incredibly talented, incredibly genuine, and has entertained me consistently for the past 5 years.

I love Rhett because he is a good person. Rhett has innovative and complex ideas that are often silly and seemingly pointless, but still brings smiles to people around the world and increase world happiness. Rhett is a good friend and a caring person, and sets a great example of being an adult with child-like happiness, and that is, I think, the goal of life. Stay youthful even whilst gaining wisdom!

I love Rhett because he is passionate, kind, talented, and creative. Rhett has helped create so many things that has brought me so much joy over the years, and I'd like to thank him for helping me through the hard times of life with all the wacky and crazy projects and his mom for bringing him into this world. Keep on being you Rhett! I'll always support you. 

I love Rhett because he is awesome and does so much for the people who watch and enjoy the show along with Link of course. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

I love Rhett because his beard's so fluffy and brown! (Lol) 😁 Happy Birthday Rhett!!! Always remember you ain't old till you but about 95! Stay fresh brotha!

I love Rhett because hes such a kind and funny person. He reminds me a lot of my best friend, cus whenever I feel down or sad I can always trust both Rhett and Link to cheer me up. Hes such a goofy, childish and hilarious person and I hope he has one hell of a good mythical birthday cus he sure deserves one!!

I love Rhett because of his loyalty to his Family, Friends and Fans. With out you the dynamic duo would never be as awesome as it is with your facial hair. Happy Birthday young one! 🙂

I love Rhett because, he has brought a lot of laughter and light to my life! During my darkest times (3 years after my son was born my endometriosis got so bad it required a hysterectomy at age 25) I watched GMM and GMMore every morning to get myself prepared for the day. Even now living with depression, having that routine every morning helps to push me out of bed and into the world so I can be the best wife and mom to my son as possible. It may not seem like much, but it has helped me tremedously to be able to watch Rhett (and Link obviously haha) and start my day off laughing and smiling. I wish you a very happy 40th Rhett, you've done so much good in this world by bringing happiness to people who need it the most!

I love Rhett because his beard. Duh

I love Rhett because he is the height I am the closest to, and he stays true to his style, its always been original and lumberjack like with that beard.

Hello Parent Beasts,

Here is my mythical contribution.


I love Rhett because beard,

because weird,

because no chin.

Yet so lean.

I love Rhett because small mouth

just like me.

I love Rhett because metaphysical

because mythical.

Because Rhett.

(wrote because so many times

I forgot what it rhymes,

what it means,

I hope you won't

forget this poem)


Happy birthday, Rhett!


I love Rhett because he is a part of my daily morning routine. I can not think of another way to start my day. He is always in such a great mood, making me feel happy too. He and Link have shown me how important friendship is (so has My Little Pony but enough of that) It just makes me so happy to see that true friendship still exist and can transform you to your better self.

Thank you Rhett for being you, because you are one amazing bearded man!

In Love,

Hey Rhett happy 40th birthday and many many more Go team mythical

I love Rhett because he is half of the funny duo I need every day. He alway is in a good mood and even if I feel sad I just watch an episode of GMM.

I love Rhett because he is awesome and he keeps link on his toes all the time happy 40th birthday day and many many more

I love Rhett because his hair goes up.

I love Rhett because he and Link are like no one else on the planet.

Having starting watch GMM at the end of 2015 I will now not miss a day and even watch old ones just to know I've seen them.

I don't have many people that I can call a true friend, now I know that being in the UK I will never get the chance to meet them but I can count on the whole crew to turn a bad day into a good just by day "Good Mythical Morning"

This is now a family program we watch, with 2 children one of which is 3 she love saying "that Rhett and that's Link"

Thanks for being you, love you Rhett.

I love Rhett because he makes watching the show twice as fun cause he is the taller of the two. The show wouldn't be the same if he wasn't apart of it. Thanks for being your mythical best Mr Rhett McLaughlin

I love Rhett because he reminds me life can be cool and fun at 40!

I love Rhett because his open minded perception on the world and his never failing gift to always bring the best out of a bad situation has helped me through the worst moments in my life. Rhett has made me a happier, stronger and all round better person by lifting my spirits and making me see that life is to be enjoyed not suffered. Without Rhett I would not still be alive today, so thank you Rhett I owe you my life. I love you man, have a great birthday!


I love Rhett because he squints when he drinks out of his mug, because he walks into columns, because he has awesome hair, because of "Ambient Massage song", because he is boiled for safety, because he is tall, because he's great at jump roping, because he takes care of Link, because of his beard, the list could go on..

Mythical regards

I love Rhett because he (and Link) have made me laugh to tears late at night, even when struggling with depression. Binge watching episodes of GMM, all the Will Its, the International Taste Tests, even going back to season 1 to see what the start of a brilliant series looked like. What I love about Rhett is that he's real. Good Mythical Morning (and Good Mythical More) both feature two guys who are just being themselves and entertaining so many people. It's not scripted, it's not fake (Link's accidental innuendoes are proof of that). I love to see the friendship Rhett and Link have. It's one of the most genuine things on the internet these days. From brosectomies to sharing punishment smoothies, it's a life-long friendship that you can see is truly amazing. I love Rhett because he's a good person, and incredibly funny. Happy birthday Rhett, you know what time it is 🙂


Love ya,

I love Rhett because his beard and style are always popin’ also you’re hilarious and great at what you do. Can’t wait to see both you and Link on the tour of Mythicality in Atlanta!


I love Rhett because he loves us. He will do whatever it takes to make his friends, family, and his fans happy, whether it be embarrassing, silly, painful, or emotional, he knows his purpose is to please, and it's awesome when you see that shine through in his videos. Not to mention he has his own sense of humor that somehow everyone can relate to. His humor shines all the way from L.A. to.... TOKYO. I think I speak for every mythical beast when I wish Rhett the happiest a birthday can be 🙂

I love Rhett because, he looks just like Tormund from Game of Thrones.

I love rhett because he gets so excited about so many different things and it's nice to see him happy all the time

I love Rhett because of his Tokyo joke and his "I like your boots" every time I see someone wearing boots I can't stop smiling and think of it


I love Rhett because he's a big boi. Also his sense of humor is that of a 12 year old boy.

I love Rhett because he never fails to make me laugh with his hilarious voices and quips. Also, he's a lot like me 🙂

I love Rhett because ... He puts forth so much effort to make me laugh every morning , even though he is busy with work he still has time for family, when my day is terrible and I finish my school I get to watch him and his goofy best friend and I'm all better, I love how even though he has gotten more famous he has still been the same old Rhett I know and love, I love Rhett ,because his beard looks amazing.

I love you so much Rhett I hope you have a great birthday.


PS. Hey Link I love you too.

I love Rhett because he has the same birth day as me. Yep that's the only reason. I'm kidding, I love him because he's just so awesome, he feels like a friend now that I've been watching GMM for like 4 years. He's also very funny, Also, this is between me and you Rhett, please release 'Ambient Massage Song'!

P.S. Happy birthday! I almost forgot to say that! I also do find it very cool to share the same birth day as you (not year though!)


I love Rhett because he likes to eat. When Link is handling food, i see the same look in Rhett's eyes that my dog gets when i open the kibble bag. I like the way he shakes his head before he bites the food with his massive chompers. Really, I just like to see Rhett happy, and he always looks the most sublime when he is biting some delicious food. I could watch him eat all day. May your special day be full of baked beans and orange feet. Eat and be happy Rhett, it is one of lifes little pleasures. Happy birthday!

I love Rhett because he makes me feel like he knows and cares about me. When I watch GMM, or any of the other videos, I feel better about what i'm going through. Of course, he doesn't know my name, (or anything about me) but it feels like if we ever met, we would have a great conversation. Side note, my favorite band is The Avett Brothers, and I was just wondering what Rhett's favorite album and song is. My dream is to someday be able to play with the band, but the next best thing would be Rhett playing with those guys. If that ever happened, I would die happy. That band, as well as R&L got me through the hardest year of my life.

Anyways, Rhett, happy happy happy birthday. You are so loved and cared for, and I hope you feel all the love today! Thank you for continuing to do what you do by sharing your wonderful, kindhearted, virtuous personality with the world. With Love,

I love Rhett because...he makes me laugh every single day! He is outgoing. He is such a good friend to Link and he inspires me to be a better person every day. LOVE YOU RHETT!! happy birthday

I love Rhett because he has helped me battle my anxiety, everytime I start to feel bad I know I can relied on him and his awesome humor for a laugh and forget all of my bad thoughts, thank you so much Rhett for everything

I love Rhett because he makes me smile!!! I love GMM!! He makes my day!

I love Rhett because he is a wonderful person who spreads joy. He is kind and funny, he makes everyone laugh and smile and that's so important in a world where so much is wrong. He's a dedicated friend, boss, husband and father... And of course his hair and beard are the most majestic of their kind. I love Rhett because he can brighten any day, and always brightens mine.

I love Rhett because he is the embodiment of human compassion and empathy. His ability to remove himself from his own personal experiences and perspectives to sympathise with others is something that I have always admired him for, and something that makes me proud to be a Mythical Beast.

I love Rhett because... he is such a positive person and can always make me laugh. He never fails to bring a smile to my face with his great jokes. When he laughs you can't help but laugh with him. I love his comedic taste in music, especially the massage song. Rhett is a great person and he makes me happy! Thanks!

I love Rhett because he always makes the saddest happy and the happiest feel like billionaires. He always is smiling with great enthusiasm and never has a dull moment. He also seems to be a excellent father as his children are growing up into amazing people

I love Rhett because he makes me laugh and is a genuinely good person. Both he and Link helped me get through a period of unemployment when I felt like a loser. He made my day a little bit brighter.

Happy birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is one foot and six and a half inches taller than me.

I love Rhett because he is the Costello to Link's Abbott

I love Rhett because his hair goes up and he is original.

I love Rhett because he is funny and creative and he makes me smile when I'm doing homework (which is very difficult to do). I also love Rhett because he and Link are the ones who made being mythical awesome.

I love Rhett because he's so funny and cheers me up. We're all so lucky he's here!

I love Rhett because I love the way he's expresses his ideas and how he can turn anything into an integration topic. Wishing you a very happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is incredibly funny and makes me laugh. He has incredible magic eyebrow powers and a freaking awesome beard. He is cooler than Link because he just is.

i love Rhett because...

I love Rhett for more reasons than one,

He's tall, loves wood and can rock a man bun.

He yells to help himself through the gross task

of consuming bull penis and pee through a flask.

Turning 40 is just the beginning for Rhett,

for making more memories he'll never forget.

Bring on more dancing, more eating and singing,

more drinking, more testing and Link's bad dart slinging.

From all of Mythicality (Beasts included),

After years of watching, we have concluded,

That we love Rhett in more ways than one,

So Happy Birthday dear Rhett, love from...


Rhett is honestly one of the funniest and most unique YouTubers (and link). He knows how to make any one laugh and he brings a smile no matter what to me every day. Thank you sooo much for bringing heaps of joy into the world no matter what video you make you have made my life truely better and I hope we have made you life better too some how 😂. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉

i love Rhett because he is a funny and very mythical person.

I love Rhett because with his hair that high he's 6ft 9" making him a giant technically speaking.

I love Rhett because he is a cheese lover. I have never met anyone who loved cheese as much as i do; until Rhett came along! I am thrilled to have found someone who shares my thoughts about the perfection that is cheese. -and i am so SO sad about his lactose-intolerance problem 🙁

But on a more serious note, i love (and appreciate) his incredibly creative mind. Whatever he talks about, he talks about it with such a passion that it always ends up lifting my spirits.

So thank you Rhett, from the bottom of my heart, for being an inspiration and a reason for me to smile even when i am down.

I love Rhett because he's fantastically funny in so many ways.

His hair is brilliant and his beard is awesome, if my own hair wasn't thinning on top (even at 18 years old :/) I'd have it exactly the same because it's so cool.

He's like a virtual father figure, an older brother, a mentor to me; if ever I'm unsure of what to say or decide upon, I think 'what would Rhett do?'.

I strive to be as good a person as Rhett. He seems a fantastic dad, husband, boss and friend and I wish I could hang out with him daily like the Crew get to.

Rhett is one half of the duo that has helped me through the pain of heartbreak in the last 6 weeks; it has been the worst period of my life but I forget about it for a short while when watching Rhett (and Link, of course) do crazy challenges, play stupid games and just be himself, unscripted. For a few moments, I can laugh and anything else is banished from my mind. Thanks, Rhett.

You are such an awesome guy and I hope to become even half the person you are. Dramatic as it sounds, you are one of my idols, one of my heroes.

Keep being you, man.

Happy birthday, Rhett!!




I love Rhett because of his love for meat.

ps. Happy Birthday Rhett! I've been a fan since the 'it's my belly button' song and have grown to love both you and Link so much. ❤️👍🏻

I love Rhett because Rhett is an amazing dad and he's funny. His jokes are the best! I don't think anyone (not even Link) could be as funny as him he always makes me laugh. I hope Rhett has a Happy Birthday


I love Rhett because no matter his age, he will always be the fun and spontaneous man that he was when his and his best friend started this amazing empire.

I love Rhett because he is always funny and cool. He is so crazily weird and amazing every morning. I watch GMM right when i get up and i truly am amazed by how awake i am after the show, after laughing for 1/2 of it.

He is not afraid to be weird on camera and be embarrassed, and we love him for that. Don't stop doing what you do ever!!

I love Rhett because he can be serious and hilarious at the same time.

I love Rhett because he is so tall...he's always got his "head in the clouds." His always thinking outside of the box and coming up with amazing and creative ideas. Rhett is an entity of laughter itself. He is constantly making people's day mythical and magical. Oh and one more thing... Tokyo!😂

I love Rhett because you two together just make me laugh so much.

I also specifically love Season 11 Episode 109 because Multiple times Rhett smiles when he eats the "curry' and "guacamole"

I love Rhett because sometimes when his smile reaches his eyes it's like seeing my daddy in motion again.

(He died 12 years ago.)

I love Rhett because his hair is always on point and he is one half of my favorite duo on youtube.

Thank you for what you've done for millions of people Rhett,

I love Rhett because he brings so much happiness into my life. When my anxiety is through the roof I know I can pop on some GMM and I'll forget about whatever is troubling me.

I love Rhett because he brightens up my days and brings more mythicality into my life than I can shake a stick at! His sense of humour, warm & sweet nature and his passion & excitement is contagious, and I could never thank him enough for the endless joy and fun he brings to me and all the Mythical Beasts.

So I want to wish you the happiest and most mythical 40th Birthday Rhett, thank you for being your mythical best and inspiring me to be mine! xxx

I love Rhett because ( don't know what to write other than thank you! )


I love Rhett because he works so hard to achieve his dreams and brighten everyone's day. He's been brightening my mornings for years. Thank you for everything you do! Love, Sophie Ward of Chicago, Illinois

I love Rhett because he is the tallest person I know and he is Very funny. Often he is sillier then even Link.

I love Rhett because he's super creative, laughs at himself, and has awesome hair!!!

I love Rhett because of his personality and everything about him. He makes me laugh even when I feel like crying. I love Rhett's beard (I don't have a beard fetish... I just really like beards) and I admire his and Link's friendship and could only hope for it myself.

Happy mythical 40th birthday Rhett


I love Rhett because of his witty comments that always brighten my day. He's one of the smartest people on YouTube, and I can always trust him to start a conversation both entertaining and intelligent. I have a special place for Barbara in my heart, too. Thank you for being remarkable, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is always silly and a joy to watch! Happy 40th birthday to a tall fellow with great hair!

I love Rhett because he gives me joy when I'm sad. He helps me through all of my tough times. Rhett is an overall amazing, selfless, and talented person. Thanks for being your mythical best and inspiring me to be as well.


I love Rhett because he never fails to make my day on GMM. He has an awesome sense of humor and style (I love his shirts!), and he always makes me smile. Happy birthday!

I love Rhett because he has such an animated presence; which never fails to make me laugh. I've been enjoying the internetainment from these two for years, here is to many more ! Happy Birthday Rhett!! Oh and one more thing; TOKYO.

I love Rhett because he is the greatest. Wait, no. Link is the greatest. No! They are both great!

Happy birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett, because Rhett loves beans.

I love Rhett because he never fails to make me laugh (even with existential questions.)

I love Rhett because he always makes me smile! In fact, he makes everyone smile, because he's so funny and never fails to brighten my day! Plus, he's a giant,(technically speaking)

I love Rhett because...

he always manages to put a smile on my face even when I'm feeling down!

I love Rhett because:

Well first of all he's easy on the eyes. He makes me laugh. He genuinely seems like a decent guy. He is up for anything no matter how harmful it might be to his health or how much it might physically hurt him. Plus he gets the best of Link and enjoys every minute of it. He's all about his fans and he's a family man. What's not to love? Happy 40th Birthday Rhett your the best. Have a great day!

I love Rhett because he makes the funniest videos and brightens every day with that deep voice he has and everytime he says gooood mythical morning im ready for a morning with link wanting to vomit and fun challenges and i know that even though he eats those disgusting things he does it for us and the people of the internet he does it to make us all happy and he does it because he is amazing without Rhett in my life I would be lost the first video i watched was when stampy quizzed you about minecraft when i first saw it i thought "What are these 2 grown men doing with their lives" but back then i didnt see the reason but now i see that they do it for us The Mythical Beasts i know i dont have chronic deppression or want to kill my self constantly but i still enjoy thses videos and know that when one starts im in for a fun morning that will make me ready to start the day. Happy 40th Birthday Rhett

I love Rhett because he (and Link) have brought so many laughs to my world since I started watching them in 2008. My teenage years started with Good Morning Chia Lincoln and continued on through college and into married life and my career with GMM. I am a 7th Grade English teacher now, and I show GMM to my students as a reward for good behavior and hard work. Rhett has a very special place in my heart because of the advice and wisdom he has shared with us over the years. I had some very tough times through college and suffered some major depression and anxiety. Both Rhett and Link have helped me to see life, although many times quite bleak, in a wonderful light. Rhett has taught me that life is full of problems but that if you have the right perspective on anything you can find beauty, positivity, and humor in this world. Rhett is caring and giving and is very obviously a wonderful father to his children. Thank you Rhett for the many years of internetainment and hilarity that you and Link have brought to my life and the lives of so many others. This world is a dark place, but you make it brighter every weekday morning. Happy 40th Birthday, Rhett! Have a Mystical, Mythical Day! You deserve it! Eat all the bacon you want 🙂

I love Rhett because he has epicly epic hair.

I love Rhett because he always manages to put a smile on my face, induce tears of laughter, so much happiness, despite anything that might be going on. Rhett always has made me feel so amazing on the inside, and inspires me to be at Mythical best throughout my whole life, and for the past 7 Years!

Thank you so much Rhett, you honestly are so amazing.

Thank you all so much for being such a beautiful part in my life for the past 7 Years!

So much love to the whole Mythical Crew,

I love rhett because... Of all those awkward moments.

Your fan,

I love Rhett because he's truly a ray of sunshine in all aspects of the metaphor. He radiates an incredible positivity, and always makes me laugh when I need it. I've been watching GMM since I was in middle school, and I found the channel at an important time in my life. I'd been going through really bad anxiety attacks (multiple a day at that point), and I would watch GMMs as a way of escaping reality in a sense, it distracted me, and it made me happy for that few minutes. I remember staying up and marathoning lots of episodes on bad nights, because I knew if I watched Rhett crack jokes, and do the silliest things, I wouldn't pay attention to the thoughts in the back of my mind, and I wouldn't panic. I wanted to say thank you for everything you do, and for how much you've impacted my life. I genuinely doubt I'd be the same person I am today without you and GMM, and I am so unbelievably grateful. Happy 40th Rhett, sending love.

I love Rhett because Rhett is a kind, funny man with a big heart and lots of love to share. He is willing to take on challenges that come his way (such as eating a pigs anus) and does them with a strong mindset. Rhett is an admirable guy, a man to look up to and take inspiration from. This is why me and all of the Mythical Kommunity love Rhett.

Kind regards,

I love Rhett because he is honestly and authentic

I love Rhett because he inspires me to try new things!

I love Rhett because no matter the situation, Rhett always makes it better! Rhett is like the tall sun on a cloudy day. Have the best birthday ever, Rhett!

I love Rhett because his attitude towards everything is so positive. He also gets so pumped up before eating something gross, and then I feel pumped up too. I watch GMM everyday before school, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he loves beans. ...TOKYO

I love Rhett because he and I both share the same favorite superhero (Hawkman of course). I also love how he's not afraid to be his self. he has inspired me to be my self more around people even if it might embarrass me. So in conclusion Thank you Rhett for being so amazing I hope you have a very happy and Mythical Birthday.

I love Rhett because he's so witty! He makes jokes and puns and I just love it.

I love Rhett because of the way he yells when Link says 'Tokyo' !

I love Rhett because Rhett makes funny faces when he eats something nasty, and because his stories are the funniest, and of course because of his hair, I mean HAVE YOU SEEN THAT THING?!?! Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because, he always makes me smile and always cheers me up when i'm down.

I love Rhett because along with being incredibly funny, when I listen to Ear Biscuits he shows an intelligent, self-aware side that I admire and relate to on a personal level. Also, his dynamic with Link is the most mythical thing ever!

I love Rhett because he always has a way of making me smile. When I see Rhett, I see a person who, despite becoming an adult, never lost that playful part of himself that he had as a child. He shows us that growing up doesn't necessarily mean growing up, and that it's OK to keep that childishness with us. Thanks, Rhett, and happy birthday. Have a good one. 🙂

I love Rhett because he has a thirst for knowledge that is very similar to mine, and because he is unafraid to show that he takes interest in the mundane. Basically... I love Rhett because he is relatable! Not to mention funny, and 50% of the wonderful duo known as Rhett and Link.

I love Rhett because he was the first person that made me realise that it's okay to have sweaty hands and helped me gain a little confidence :). I can always count on him to make me laugh whenever and whatever mood I am in. Thank you Rhett for making my daily routine so much greater!

I love Rhett because he's caring, creative, daring, expressive, a genius of sorts, humble, humorous, intelligent, intuitive, knowledgeable, lucky, and a great person all around. Mythical beasts are very lucky and grateful to know him, whether through the screen or in person. Thank you for being here for us, Rhett. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

I love Rhett because of this crazy reactions and his clever wit as well as original hair.

I love Rhett because he isn't afraid to be himself in front of the whole world. He is a reason I'm not afraid to be myself around others. Rhett is also a big part in my daily routine, he makes me laugh when I'm upset, his reactions are hilarious and he makes my day just better over all.

I love Rhett because he is very intelligent, funny, headstrong, and tall; he loves food very, very much; and he helps keep Link from harming others and himself! 😂

I love Rhett because he is so funny and never fails to brighten my day when I watch GMM. He always has the best hipster button down shirts and his hair is always *amazing*. Rhett and GMM mean more to me than they could even imagine. Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is an amazing storyteller. When I listen to GMMore or Ear Biscuits stories, I always feel so happy and interested in the discussion.

I love Rhett because his laugh makes me laugh. His creativity that he shows in his songs has awaken inside me that feeling to let go and do whatever I want to do.GMM has become a part of my daily routine. Thank You(and Link, but it's not his birthday...) very much.




I love Rhett because Rhett is a creative, witty, imaginative, and thoughtful individual. He's also a good best friend to Link.

I love Rhett because he is so funny and can make anyone laugh. He's an amazing friend and idol. I love him very much

I love Rhett because he always brightens my morning routine. I can count on him to make me laugh even if I'm just having a bad day.

I love Rhett because he's the other half of good mythical morning. He is truly the big friendly giant. And towers over most at his height. But I love him because he cares about his fans.....he interacts, he communicates, he tried to involve us. He loves this community just as much as we do, and that's pretty amazing.

I love Rhett because he makes me laugh-and his beard is cool, too!!

I love Rhett because he is awesome, funny and loves his BEANS. Happy Birthday Rhett and Feliz Cumpleanos to you 😀😄😎

I love Rhett because he is super funny and awesome and he makes every thing AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁😀😁😊☺🙂😁😁😁😁.

I love Rhett because when gmm is playing in the morning his humor and personality makes me want to be awake.

I love Rhett because he is super funny and he is really creative. He is a fantastic musician and I love all that he does for us. Thank you and Happy Birthday Rhett.

love from

I love Rhett because he's so funny, caring and can rock an awesome beard!!

I love Rhett because he is such a wonderful person, example and friend to everybody. He is so kind, caring, loveable and funny. It's so nice to have him on the show and see him every day!

I love Rhett because he's so weird.

I love Rhett because of his laugh

I love Rhett Because: Okay First of all he halarious second of all He always knows how to put a smile on someone's face from the people watching the video and to the people who are helping Rhett and Link in there Crazy Challenges! Now finally I just Love GGM!!! Happy Birthday Rhett and I hope this is one of your best birthdays!!

I love Rhett because he is such a kind hearted person and his hair is on fire 🔥I'm not kidding it looks like the gmm flame. Eat some panus cakes for me! Happy 4️⃣0️⃣th!

I love Rhett because he is funny and has the best reactions to things that wouldn't be funny if he hadn't said something!

I love Rhett because.....

He is amazing! He cares about this community, he interacts, he does his best to make everyone happy. He truly is the big friendly giant. He loves this community as much or even more than the rest of us. He is one of the best human beings on the earth, and will continue to be forever! Happy 40th birthday Rhett, and don't stop being the amazing, caring, thoughtful, funny, awesome, mythical being that you are!!!!

I love Rhett because, he's funny, generous, kind and just genuinely a great guy! I wish you all the very best, and I hope you have a superb birthday! You are an amazing person Rhett! Keep being you! Happy 40th Birthday!

I love Rhett because he took it upon himself to learn the guitar, which is nice when they have to perform a song together on the show. Also, he has taken the side of cake, dogs, flight, ninjas, and waffles in the debates, all superior to their respective counterparts.

I love Rhett because I can relate to him since he is so tall, and I think he is hilarious.

I love Rhett because I have watched him ever since Good Morning Chia Lincoln and he never fails to make me smile and laugh with every video I watch 😀

I love Rhett, because his sense of humor reminds me of my dad, who past away a year ago. GMM was one of only two things that could get a smile out of me, for months after.

I love Rhett because he’s passionate about his work and about what he believes in. He’s never been afraid to address the haters or the naysayers of Rhett and Link. He’s also never been afraid to put his opinion out there. I appreciate that. I appreciate his honesty. I don’t feel like what we see is an act. It’s genuine and real. I love that! I also love the way Rhett can laugh at himself. Besides being able to laugh at himself, he has a great laugh. I love that he has “layers". It encourages me to step out there and investigate new things and develop new layers myself. I also love Rhett because he has incredible hair. Rhett, you’re awesome! Thank you for being your mythical best and teaching me what it means to be mine. Have the happiest of birthdays!!!

I love Rhett because he can make me laugh any time of the week and he's hilarious and has the best laugh and even though we can't see his smile we know his smile is beautiful and we all love his non existent chin. He's an amazing person and he has an amazing best friend. Rhett I love you so much I can't even put it in words when I was getting bullied I would just watch Good Mythical Morning and link and you would be the only ones who could put a smile on my face and make me laugh through the tears. I love you so much and you will always be young in our hearts.

I love Rhett because even on my worse days he can make me smile. When I have no will to go on anymore I turn to him. We might never meet but he has saved my life a million times and I am forever grateful for that. He is one of the most kind, creative, humble, funny, intelligent person that I can think of. I have been watching Rhett and Link for 6 years since I was 10, and ever since it has been a dream to work for them. Rhett gives me the motivation to go to school and work hard for what I want. Thank you, Rhett, for leading me to believe that life gets better and pursuing a career in film after high school. Oh, yeah happy birthday Rhett 🙂

I love Rhett because he is a Paleontologist in training.

I love Rhett because my life wood not be the same without this pun ! And also because he makes me laugh every morning with his best friend !

Love you Rhett, and happy 40th birthday Rhett !

I love Rhett because, over the years you've given me nothing but enjoyment, laughter and friends to hang out with everyday with Good Morning Chia Lincoln and now Good Mythical Morning. Rhett I love you because no matter how I'm feeling I know that my day can be better from watching you and Link. Its hard not to lump you two together sometimes but I know for a fact there are things I do today that have been impacted by you, Ive grown a beard because of you and take crazy care of my beard because of you. I keep packs of soy sauce in my shirt pockets at all times, and I never talk about Justin Bieber. All jokes aside Rhett, my life has been impacted by you and I don't know if Id be the same person if it weren't for that choice to subscribe to Rhett&Link all those years ago. So thank you for who you are snd the man you've become and the person you share with us the Mythical Beast everyday. You're Awesome and Happy Birthday another year older but another year Better 😀

I love Rhett because he is funny, tall, has a bread, handsome, can eat just about anything, goofy, silly, awesome, weird, odd, mythical, and he is Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very Rhett. I love you Rhett


I love Rhett because...

Without Rhett there would be no Link, Without Link there would be no Rhett.


You are that important to all the mythical beasts, and I wish you 40 more happy years!!!!

I love Rhett because he seems wonderful and kind. Have a Happy Birthday! Continue to be your Mythical Best.

I love Rhett because I know I can always count on him to brighten my day. He is such a hilarious and wonderful person with a kind heart. Rhett and Link make my mornings infinitely better and I'm grateful I found them. Happy 40h birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because of his sarcastic and sometimes biting attitude.For instance, whenever he or Link (mostly Link) does something... not-so-smart he makes sure to get in a remark or two about it. Then there is the way he responds to the Mystical Beast that don't always pick up on the jokes. Who doesn't appreciate a sense of humor tempered with intelligence?

I love Rhett for 2 reasons; first, you guys were the way I got over bad school days when I was bullied about 9 years ago in third grade and you helped me through it all, second because the beard, I envy it.

I love Rhett because he has a silly and quirky personality that is guaranteed to make me laugh no matter what mood I am in. I can also tell that Rhett is a kind and caring person with a wonderful heart. Thanks for everything you do, Rhett, you inspire me to be the best person I can be!

I love rhett because he's funny and has really cool hair

I like Rhett because we share a bond we like crazy new food/drink ideas and sorry Link but willing to actually try new foods and not spitting out or hurling plus we share a birthday!!! #10/11 birthday buddies for life #BYMB

with lots of love,

I love Rhett because he never fails to make me laugh with his awesome catchphrases and personality. TOKYO!

I love Rhett because he is hilarious. He can make literally anything funny. He isn't afraid to speak his mind on certain issues as well. Rhett truly cares about the Mythical Beasts and is dedicated to creating Mythical content for us. He puts 100% effort into everything he ventures into. Rhett, you are truly amazing. Thank you for everything you do for us Mythical Beasts. Happy Birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because He can always make me smile. His bold, charming, and unique personality is just one of the many things that make me proud to be a Mythical Beast.You've had a good 40 years and I hope you see much more! Happy birthday Rhett and stay your mythical best!


I love Rhett because of his rare dog dry heave

I love Rhett because beard.

I love Rhett because he's amazingly awesome and mythical! Happy b-day! STAY MYTHICAL DUDE!

i love Rhett because he never fails to make me laugh. another thing I love is that he will eat anything, and i mean anything (other then liver of course..) happy birthday!

I love Rhett because he's an awesome example of what a good husband and father is and he seems so comfortable in his own skin. Happy Birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he once said he wanted to ride a cow. That has been my dream since I was five.

I love Rhett because his hair goes up!

I love Rhett because of his reactions to Links awkward moments, his sense of humor, his belief in the apocalypse and his love for the mythical beasts. I also love his wavy hair. Also his laugh. And his tall.

I love him for his ability to make me laugh everyday. ❤

I love Rhett because he gives so much joy. Rhett brings a different light to everyone around him. He’s not just different because he’s super tall, but because he thinks critically, he looks for meaning, and he continues to be immature in the best possible way. I think all mythical beasts see a little bit of themselves in both Rhett and Link. That’s what makes them so great. Rhett brings out the silly in all of us. Rhett, Happy Birthday. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to ensure that complete strangers are “internetained”. As a fairly new Mythical Beast, it has been such a pleasure to start at the beginning and learn so much about you, Link, and your families. Watching you grow as people and as a community is something that is truly valuable. I hope you have a wonderful day full of love from your wife, kids, and friends. I look forward to the continual joy you will give us all. Forty looks great on you!

I love Rhett because he is hilarious and his pain and suffering is funny.

I love Rhett because he has brought laughter back into my life. He is inspirational, intelligent, wise, and funny. He's the type of person you want to hang out with over some good food and have incredible conversations with. The world is a better place with him in it. Happy 40th Rhett, we love you!


I love Rhett because of the accents and impressions he does.

I love Rhett because he seems like a cool down to earth person who is also extremely funny. He seems like a really good person and friend and he also has fantastic hair!

I love Rhett because he's the coolest guy ever (besides Link). Happy Birthday!

The reasons We love Rhett is not just the fact that he is sweet,kind, and handsome or that when he smiles his cheeks do that thing that we all love, or that when he looks at the camera with his beautiful hazel eyes our hearts melt , not even he talks or sings his voices is a smooth tenner, but that's some of the reasons why we as mythical beasts love Rhett

The reason why I love Rhett and of course Link but right now this is about Rhett but the reason is all of those things above and the fact that he and Link along with two other people made me laugh when no one else could. So Thank you Rhett happy 40th birthday.

Love you

I love Rhett because he brings joy to my daily routine, with his humor, his intellect, his charisma, and his awesome hair. I love how passionate and obsessed he becomes over certain things (like beans, and the Apocalypse). His enthusiasm is infectious, and I find myself excited by whatever subject he brings to the table (or desk). Every day he reminds me to find the joy in the little things, to explore the world with an almost childlike wonder, to try new things, to remain mythical despite life's hardships, and to ask the difficult questions. One of my goals is to meet Rhett in person someday, and be able to tell him face-to-face how he's helped me discover life's curiosities and wonders again. Thanks for all the laughs, Rhett. I'm so glad I discovered Good Mythical Morning all those years ago!

I love Rhett because he balances Link out perfectly! I don't think either of them could be nearly as awesome without each other, they make the perfect team! Like the way Rhett always looks around the room in confusion with an extremely worried expression every time Link says something "awkward"...

Happy Birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he reminds me everyday that life is meant to be fun and enjoyed. As I get older people try to force the idea that life is supposed to be serious at all times but Rhett shows me that you can succeed in life while still having a good time. I start everyday with Rhett and Link which always puts me in a positive mood to tackle anything in my day. Thank you Rhett for showing me that laughter should always be a part of my daily routine.

Happy Birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he's always so down to Earth and never fails to put a smile on my face. 🙂



I love Rhett because he is the only who knows how to appropriately react to Link!

I love Rhett because he has such an awesome personality. He never fails to put a smile on my face. I love him for his dad jokes.I love him for his sense of style.

I am proud to be a mythical beast. Rhett and Link inspire me a lot in my daily routine. They are my favourite duo on youtube.

I wish you a very very happy birthday day Rhett. Love you a lot.😍😙😗😘😚

Rhett has just this hilarious personality, he's funny without even trying, and he isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

I just want to say thank you to you, my daughter (1 1/2) and I watch your show religiously and she really gets excited when she sees you Rhett, she even you used to call you daddy ( I am not offended as the only reason she did that is because we both share the common feature of the face cozy). it is something however that me and my daughter have bonded over it's really nice to be able to share something creative and silly with her. Happiest of birthdays to you

I love Rhett because he has a glorious beard, he is always happy and positive and funny, his jokes and facial expressions never fail to make me laugh and he just seems like the kind of guy id like to have a drink with! Happy B-Day Rhett!!!

I love Rhett because he’s funny, smart, and his hair has always gone up.

I love Rhett because he loves himself as a human bean. He is very neutral. "Wood"joke was his one of the best jokes. I like him because of his style and attitude. Happy birthday Rhett🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

I love Rhett because he is so genuine and honest with his feelings. He does not hold back when he needs to be tough and we all know that he is a real softy!!!

Rhett is always his mythical best!! I sure wish that I could have that strong balance of strength and knowledge! Happiest of Birthday's to one of the two coolest men on the inter-Webs!

I love Rhett because of his ridiculous overreactions to everything. He makes me laugh . Happy Birthday Rhett

I love Rhett because...

He is an energetic, fun, and exciting individual that knows who he is and what he's doing. He knows when to get serious, and definitely knows when to get crazy. He is a mass of happiness, joy, celebration, kindness, and has a huge heart to boot. He sparkles, and spreads that glimmer to anyone who he touches, including myself. He makes me smile every day, and I hope he has a wonderful mythical birthday!

i love Rhett because of who he is as a person, he's always kind and thoughtful and genuine and makes me smile at times when i need it the most ((as well as being naturally funny and talented)). Thankyou for all the laughs Rhett, keep doing you! i hope you have the best birthday ever, Happy Birthday, love you from

I love Rhett because whenever someone says japan he goes WWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

happy b-day Rhett, hope you get another pizza cake.

I love Rhett because he has an amazing personality and sense of humor. He's witty and quick to think of funny things to say. He cares about his fans, he works very hard, and he's very talented at many things. I love his singing voice and other musical abilities and I hope he has an amazing birthday.

I love Rhett because he's always making funny dad jokes (no kidding dad's jokes are my favorite). I also love when his cheeks show up above his beard every time they make innuendos on the show (you know we know Rhett!). Anyways, I love you and I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Hugs all around,

I love Rhett because he is a constant to reminder to us all that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously but enjoy life as much as we can instead. He's made me realise that it's okay to be child-like, ironically something I wasn't able to do when I actually was a child, and how it greatly contributes to my own happiness. Thank-you, Rhett, for always adding a little brightness and positivity in my day when things aren't going too well and showing me that it's good to be young at heart.

Happy Birthday, Rhett! I hope you have a spectacular day full of mythicality! 🙂

I love Rhett because I find him hilarious while also being serious, not to mention very calming to listen to on my rainiest of days. He deserves all of my love as a Mythical Beast, and he means so much to me (same with you Link, don't worry.) He makes my weekday mornings sparkle from any other day that I've had before watching GMM, and that's saying something. Happy birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is awesome and always makes great jokes. I have only been watching GMM for 3 years but I have seen almost all of the episodes, I love when Rhett reacts to something stupid Link says, he always makes the best faces, and the best comments. I love Rhett because he is the best, Link you are awesome but Rhett is better, sorry Link.

I love Rhett because he obsesses over certain things and knows all the facts. He thinks deeply about different topics, which widens your perspective. I also love it when he tells stories. He describes things in a way to make you feel like you are there. Plus he has a good radio voice. His love for wood makes me happy because I love wood just as much. The feel, the look, the smell!

Rhett, you are hilarious, intelligent, and just an all around great human being and I am forever thankful that I got to know you through the internet. Happy 40th Birthday!

I love Rhett because he is never afraid to be honest. He's always seemed like the intense one of the duo. That's not a bad thing, of course. Rhett is always finding ways to make the show more hilarious. For some reason, whenever he laughs at something that happens or something that Link does, it makes me laugh along with him, sometimes waking up the other people in my house.

Happy 40th Birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because his rugged demeanor stimulates the senses. Also, it's a good contrast to Link's feminine features.

I love Rhett because he is Rhett – it is as simple as that.

I love him for having provided me with an excuse for being silly, for giving me the opportunity to always have something to laugh at, for inspiring me to do better and to be the best person I can be, and for making me remember that pure joy can always be found and that being an adult (whatever that means) doesn’t mean having to be serious all of the time.

He has given me an outlet so that when life gets tough and when circumstances are such that I feel like giving up and have trouble seeing the good in life, he and Link are what I can always look forward to. And this gives me energy and positivity, so that I can find the hope and the solutions that I need. He makes me smile, laugh, think and learn. He brightens my days – both on the sunny and the grey ones.

I love that he has made Monday my favorite day of the week: Because I know that I then have a whole week of GMM to look forward to, and most importantly because of EarBiscuits. Of all the content, this is what is most inspiring to me and what is closest to my heart. The new episodes of EarBiscuits have made me smile, laugh, cry and contemplate different aspects of life and the world. These words may sound grand, but they are true. I may not be able to express in words why or how it means so much to me, but I feel it.

I love him for his friendship with Link and his loyalty towards him. He is the kind of friend that everyone should have. He gives me something to aspire to when it comes to my own friendships. He makes me appreciate the old friends I have even more than I did before, and makes me think about the great value they bring to my life – having someone who have known you practically your whole life.

Before Rhett and Link, I didn’t know of “Mythicality”. But when I look at my life, I can see that mythicality has always been part of it in some way. I love that he and Link have given me a term to apply to it, and that I have found so many others who find mythicality to be a natural and important part of their lives. It is a community that is caring and supportive, and which thrives on the wonderfully weird and silly things.

Most of all, I love Rhett for being Rhett: A caring, funny and intelligent man, who have found his calling in life, and who shares his humor, thoughts and ideas with us all, for which I am grateful.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Rhett, and I hope you get to share it with the people you love most. You will probably never fully comprehend what your work means to us, but please know that we appreciate all that you do.

With all my love,

I love Rhett because of his amazing intelligence, committed positivity and energetic spirit. Daring, competitive, talkative and considerate are just other words to describe him. His incredible laugh, kind nature and determination are so inspirational when watching or listening to their content. I am always blown away by his knowledge, humour and his outstanding friendship he has with his best friend! When exploring, watching, listening to any of the stories, ideas and experiences that are told, it’s always a new adventure and I’m so thankful for the love, work and brilliant mind he gives to the Mythical Beasts. He gives 110% (I know I should not say that phrase! Sorry Rhett!) But I had to make a true statement! He makes me laugh, smile and just explode with pure joy. He’s one of the reasons why I’m still here today, and I can’t thank him enough; and on top of all this, he’s just fabulous! I love noticing the little things he does, such as when he tilts his head slightly forward when fixing his amazing hair wave or when he plays with his beard when he’s reading, listening or in a deep thought. Rhett McLaughlin is just one of the most amazing people ever! Simple.

Thanks for the wisdom, love and Mythicality Rhett! Happy Birthday! (You still look in your early 20’s to me!)

Love from,

I love Rhett because he's the best of not just BOTH but ALL worlds combined. Rhett never fails to make me smile just by how pure-hearted he is. He's silly and serious just at the right times and I can't help myself but adore him. I love how adventurous he is and how he's always interested in learning something new, let that be cultures, food, theories etc. I love how enthusiastic he gets when talking about things he feels passionately about. I can only aspire to be a character like him the day when I'll be turning 40. There is so much I wanted to say when meeting him and Link at VidCon but I couldn't speak as I was so in awe to finally meet my favourite internetainers. So here's my thanks to you Rhett for being a bright spot in my life just by being who you are. Thank you for cheering me up when I have nothing else to smile about. Thank you for SO INCREDIBLY MUCH GREAT CONTENT. So all that is left for me to say, is that I hope that I'll have another opportunity to thank you in real life for being the Rhett James McLaughlin we all have come to love.

He is fun to listen to all day. I like his voice and he comes up with good ideas. He is crazy, silly and it was funny when he sat on a chair of eggs! His expreshoions!! I find it fun to watch when he talks about what he would do in the apocolips and he can breath under water for so long! The way he words things, it looks really funny when he wears glasses, he plays video games and makes me laugh, he eats weard stuff, how he laughs really loud. His reasens for what he says, he belives in theries, and he has a gold beard.

He comes up with funny camershalshs on the spot! He spins the wheel of mithacality with Link. There are more than 40 reasons to love Rhett!!!

I love Rhett because of his overall enthusiasm, his excitement over small pleasures and wins, the way his laugh ranges from booming to small and high, his competitive drive, his unending desire for food, his dry and sarcastic wit, and his serious consideration of the world around him—just to name a few. Happy 40th birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is so funny and such a lovable and caring person. His laughter is SO contagious and he never fails to make me crack up along with him! He cares about his fans and never lets his fame go to his head. His playfulness and willingness to be goofy despite him being an adult has helped me realise that even as I get closer to being an adult myself, I still need to keep my goofy side because it’s such a valuable quality. Thank you, Rhett if you are reading this. I love you a lot even though we have yet to meet in person. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it so much!

I love Rhett because... he is one of my idols. He inspires me to be my Mythical Best and live my life as the ultimate Mythical Beast. He has helped me through many tough and dark days, I probably would not have made it through without him and Good Mythical Morning. I just wanted to thank you, Rhett, stay your Mythical self...

I love Rhett because he has brought so much light and joy into my life. I know I cannot properly describe how much he and Link mean to me. However, I will of course make the futile attempt to do so. I started watching Good Mythical Morning in 2016. It was during the roughest patch of my life that I started to grow more in love with the show, and I know it would have been nearly, if not completely, impossible to get through it without him. They gave me something to look forward to each day, and allowed me to find a spot within the Kommunity that I am honored to be a part of. I’m so thankful to Rhett for sharing who he is with the world. I know I will never be able to thank him for enough. Despite that here goes yet another futile attempt- thank you SO much Rhett.

I love Rhett because he's such a family man.

I love Rhett because

He has created something that has brought people together that may never have met otherwise. He is truly genuine in every thing that he does and says and inspires me to be my mythical best every day.

Why we love Rhett? Have you ever seen his hair? 😉

I love Rhett because of the way he laughs at his own jokes.

I love Rhett because his brain goes off on these weird tangents when he starts talking.

I love the way he makes me laugh.

I love the way his hair looks. ALL the time.

I love how good of a Dad he is.

I love how much he loves Link.

But most of all I love him cos he is sunshine in human form.

Happy birthday darling Rhett. You're one of my favourite humans on this earth. Have a great day. I love ya, dude.

Love always.

I love Rhett is because his determination on everything from best friends, family, fans, and his own personal relaxing time. Whether on new adventures or playing the guitar, he always loves life. He is my superhero and my role model.

Thank you for inspiring me

Rhett I can't say enough about you. You're funny, a fellow cheese lover and a amazing internetainer. Even on my WORST days you can make me smile. I've been a mythical beast since season three and I'm here to stay. Happy birthday Rhett!!!


I love Rhett because he's funny and smart. He doesn't let having 12 million subscribers go to his head. He knows what's right. Rhett, I think, loves every mythical beast all over the world. He says his opinion even if it means that some people might not like him anymore. And I want to thank him for being his mythical best! 💖💖

He’s a big guy with big ideas. He’s a deep thinker, he makes me want to learn about the stuff he talks about. He’s an amazing writer and story teller and musician. He’s funny and smart and witty and goofy and incredibly kind. He’s got an epic beard and the most awesome hair. I love the way he laughs at his own jokes. Happy birthday, Rhett, and thanks for enternetaining us!

I love Rhett because of his years of dedication to producing high quality internetainment for us! Having new content almost daily has helped me drag my butt out of bed and into the office for years now, so many thanks to you!

Happy Birthday, Rhett! Much Love,

I love Rhett because he is …

Relatable – is down to earth, which makes you feel that you understand him on personable level.

Hilarious – has the quick one liner, which just makes you laugh so hard it makes you start crying. This humor always brings a smile and enjoy in my crappier days.

Encouraging – his ideas make you think about how things could or should be in the world and that is makes me want to invest my time in learning more about those ideas.

Thankfully – always is humble to how he got to where he is today and appreciative to everyone, especially the Mythical Beasts, who has helped him.

Together – he is ½ a great partnership with Link & they make each other great. Plus, working with someone for years and still be friends with them, let alone have great fun together is a bonus.

I love Rhett because he loves beans, he loves wood, and in addition, he walks like a pro.


I love Rhett because of his laugh.

Rhett's laugh is actually why I'm a Mythical Beast. My husband and I had watched a few episodes together during season 9, but I was far from a regular viewer. During a bored YouTube binge one day, I caught an episode where Rhett threw back his head, clutched his chest, and laughed that deep, ringing, "ho, ho, ho," and it was wonderful. It is totally infectious and never fails to make me laugh, no matter how bad things are.

I love Rhett because of his heart.

Rhett is so passionate about the things he loves, whatever they may be--obviously the big things, like Jessie and his boys--but also his layers, the apocalypse, wood, beans, paleontology, everything. It's adorable to see this giant man become childlike in his enthusiasm about whatever he is caught up in at that moment. But most of all, I love Rhett's heart for Link. The love that those two have for each other is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I have ever seen. It's obvious on their faces and in the care they put into maintaining their friendship, and it regularly restores my faith in humanity. I love that Rhett isn't afraid to wear that big heart on his sleeve and declare his love for the things that are important to him.

I love Rhett because of his brain.

Rhett has so many passions, and delves deeply into them; I'm amazed at his ability to wax poetic about books that I would have dropped out of boredom after a chapter. His intellectual curiosity seems to be endless, and I admire that. He has recently begun showing his writing chops, with the book and a couple of articles, and those are impressive, too. Whether gently taking a commenter to task on Facebook or offering perspective on the important issues of the day, Rhett continues to show that he is a thinker who expresses himself eloquently, and is also able to see others' points of view.

I love Rhett because of his silliness.

Rhett and Link have recently been discussing the tenets of mythicality, and how important it is not to take oneself too seriously. He's willing to get into some of the most ridiculous situations, sacrificing his comfort, dignity, taste buds--and, quite possibly, the integrity of his gastrointestinal system--to make us laugh. There are so many people in the world who think they're too cool or are afraid to make themselves look silly, and I think that's such a sad way to live. I love that Rhett and Link are willing to do these things, and I just wish I had the opportunity to get in there with them, because it looks like they're having a blast.

I love Rhett because he and Link have helped me.

A few months after I started watching GMM and listening to Ear Biscuits, I lost someone I loved very much, and began struggling in my marriage, and Rhett and Link became my escape from the pain. I've been a Mythical Beast for a year now, and knowing that there are hours and hours of videos out there that are guaranteed to make me laugh continues to help me make it through the tough days. I can't say thank you enough.

Happy birthday, Rhett! Your Mythical Beasts love you.

I love Rhett because he is always happy and cheerful. In every situation he has just the right thing to say to make us laugh. I remember the first time I heard the "I'm So Stressed" song I fell out of my chair laughing. Happy birthday Rhett!!

I love Rhett because he is Link's best friend.

I love Rhett because he can talk about serious topics and still be hilarious and make jokes about it. If it wasn’t for him, there would be a lot less cheerful days in my life. He can always put a smile on my face. He’s like the sun of Rhett & Link. Also, I love his hair and face. He can make such funny faces sometimes. And lastly, he’s Rhett. I mean, how can you not love Rhett?! Happy birthday, man! ❤

I like Rhett because he’s tall. He makes me feel good about my tallness and makes me feel less awkward. I’m in 6th grade and I’m 5’5”, and Rhett would understand why I feel so awkward. Rhett is also really REALLY tall and I like him because of that. Happy birthday Rhett!

I love Rhett because he is one of two people that can make me happy, even when I've had or am having the worst day ever. Watching him perform awesomely weird feats and eat insane foods that I could never eat myself, just always puts a smile on my face. Some of the things that he says have me laughing on the floor of my room- and sometimes while I'm sitting somewhere totally inappropriate for interruptions, I start laughing because I randomly think of that one thing he said that one time with that one face. His reactions to some of the things that Link says are priceless and the way he pounds his chest like the ape master when trying to swallow nasty "food" is admirable. Honestly, Rhett has helped me to not be afraid to point out that things are wrong, or correct people when they say something incorrect- due to his natural re explanation of events that are happening or pointing out that Link said something very wrong or inappropriate. Not to mention he laughs at the word fart as 39 year old man. But in all honesty, I just love Rhett for being Rhett.

Happy 40th Birthday Rhett!

I love you and I hope you have an amazingly mythical day!

With Love,

I love Rhett because he is extremely funny, and one of the best internetainers in the world. Rhett's beard and his hair and hair color work together perfectly. Rhett, happy fortieth birthday! You're not that old!


I love Rhett because I can relate to him. He gets super interested in one topic, and then all of a sudden finds a new one. That being said, he hasn't lost his passion for GMM, which never fails to make me laugh(and sometimes make me feel really awkward.) I hope he has a wonderful birthday and that he doesn't feel too old.


I love Rhett because he is really funny and adorable

I love Rhett because his hair goes up, but his beard goes down. I love Rhett when he drinks from his mug and squints with laughter at the camera. I love Rhett because he's a thoughtful guy who thinks a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. I love Rhett because he ties knots that eagle scouts haven't heard of. Like the double overhand figure-eight fisherman's bird glove. He's an expert chin driver and drinks his milk straight from the source. I love Rhett because he cares about the environment and shows it by starting a forest community and cleaning up a wooded lot by hand. I love Rhett because he always knows the perfect Bordeaux to pair with pork. I love Rhett because he cares so much about his best friend Link, that he gives him fun things to do like sorting candy and fixing hoodie strings. I love Rhett because he is so fashion forward and is one half of the duo that brought us the male midriff. I love Rhett because he cares about all beings and even spends his vacatoin feeding ice cream sandwiches to zombies in need. Over all, I love Rhett because he truly is a big hearted person and clearly cares deeply for the people who surround him. He is the definition of being your mythical best. Happy birthday Rhett. Sending love from a mythical beast in Alaska,

I love Rhett because he is super funny and awesome.

Rhett always amazes me with the various scenarios of the post apocalyptic world order that he comes up with. His signature phrases "What are the chances?" and "Golly" always make me smile. Rhett is such a good story teller, that is why I can listen to his stories all day long. Rhett's laughter is contageous. He sometimes replies to comments in a sassy way but when you meet him in person he is very sweet and nice. Rhett's dedication to his family and to his best friend is admirable. Deep conversations that he has with Link are fascinating and make me appreciate how intelligent he and Link are. Rhett continues to spark curiosity in me and many others. He and Link brough a whole new meaning to the word mythical.

And this is why I love Rhett. 🙂

I'm so happy and grateful that I got to meet you and Link at VidCon in Amsterdam and I hope you'll come there again because I haven't said a half the things I wanted to say to you both. Now I want to wish you Rhett a Happy Birthday! Let it be the most amazing Birthday ever!

Happy 40th, Rhett! I love you because my girlfriend's all time favorite book is Gone With The Wind and every time she hears your name she smiles!

I love Rhett because whenever I am feeling disappointed, stressed or depressed, watching and/or listening to him makes that all go away. He has no trouble putting a smile on my face, and I absent-mindedly go to a GMM video whenever I'm feeling down. I often write down or try to remember funny quotes Rhett says so I can tell my friends later. Me and one of my friends always try to find a way to fit "Lick the daddy" in a sentence and I love watching other people's faces when we say it. Happy Mythical Birthday, Rhett!

I love Rhett because he (along with Link) never fail to bring a smile to my face. Always helping me get through hardships, his character, wit, and genuine kindness are a few of the many things that I, and other Mythical Beasts, love about him. I will forever be thankful that I found y'all and your videos, as it has made each and every day more mythical. Thank you, Rhett for always being able to make me smile and laugh, despite whatever I am going through, and reminding me to always be my mythical best.

Happy Birthday, Rhett!!!

P.S. it's now a habit that I say "whaaaaaaat" whenever someone says "Tokyo"

I love Rhett because of his determination to bring good to this world. From his contributions to GMM, to supporting worthy causes near and dear to his heart, he brings a kindness to the world that can at times be a sad and scary place. He is a stand up man who, even in disagreements, handles situations with kindness, grace, and compassion. We could all agree that we need more Rhett in this world.

I love Rhett because he is always there to make me laugh, he also inspires me to make everyone's day a very Mythical and happy day!

I love Rhett because he has taken his childhood dream of "doing something together" with his best friend and made it his reality.

I love Rhett because he hasn't cut his hair YET

i love Rhett because he and link give me a reason not to hate every morning. I start each watching them two be goofballs. I love Rhett because he doesn't know what the show means to me, or how much it means to have someone make me laugh. They show me that it's ok to be a bit different and just be myself. Thank you Rhett and Link. i love you. Happy Birthday, Rhett.

I love Rhett because if it wasn't for him I couldn't wake up every morning and watch the funniest guys on YouTube to brighten the beginning of my day. I also watch GMM at night and almost any other time I can.

I also love Rhett because he wears a lot of plaid shirts. I love plaid. I also love Rhett because his hair goes up and I think that's really cool. I could never get my hair to do that and I love that Rhett is really good at playing the guitar and he has been a big inspiration for me, trying to learn myself.

Thanks for all the laughs, and have big happy birthday.

From Mythical Beast,

Dear Rhett,

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!! I want to thank you for providing me with constant entertainment 5 days a week for the past 5 years. I don't know you (obviously - I live in Boston), but I feel like I do because I get to watch you be your silly self every day. You have inspired me to chase after my dreams no matter how difficult they may be, because maybe I'll be able to bring joy and knowledge to someone's life.

You seem like a genuinely good person, which is pretty hard to come by these days. I am so glad that through all of my lows, I have had GMM and Ear Biscuits and Buddy System and soon, the BOOK OF MYTHICALITY (!!!) to turn to.

Keep up the AMAZING work - you have millions of people who love you for just who you are, myself included. Happy birthday Rhett, I hope it's your best one yet!

Yours mythically,

I love Rhett because he tries gross things so I don't have to. For science! Happy 40th birthday,here's to 40 more!

I love Rhett because he is so talented. He can sing, act, dance, play guitar AND be a comedian.

I love Rhett because...

He reminds me of myself and my group of high school friends in many ways. I'm a bit younger than him (32) but watching his rise from early on, through Good Morning Chia Lincoln, the ill fated show, commercials, music videos, etc. has been a bizarre look into an alternate universe. See, my friends and I used to make videos when we were in high school. This would be circa 2001-2002. We never posted to youtube, because it wasn't a thing yet. Instead we were doing it first for high school video productions class, then later our school's community channel and just for fun. We had lots of comedy and music videos (though we never sang). For example, "Domestic Big Game Hunting", a faux-hunting reality show following a hunter around a neighborhood as he knocked on doors and stalked housecoats in their "natural environment" (people's basements).

We gave up this dream as we all went to different colleges and scattered across the United States. It's over for us, but I've gotten to see what it would be like for my friends to have continued that dream and made it something we did for a living.

Your friendship reminds me of my friendships, and you specifically remind me of one of my friends who I haven't talked to in ages. In fact, maybe I'll text him...

I love Rhett because he has nice style and he's just very funny! I've been watching GMM since episode one, crazy how far both Rhett and Link have come. Happy 40th; Rhett!

I love Rhett because he’s not afraid to stand up for others. He uses his fame and influence for the better. My eyes welled up reading his Medium article (and a tumblr post). It tells me that I didn’t make a mistake becoming a Mythical Beast. These two aren’t just funny comedians that make us laugh but they are also great people with so much love, empathy, compassion, and character.

I love Rhett because he looks, acts and talks just like my brother.

My brother and his wife moved to the other side of the UK when I was 13. They could be even further away and I'm lucky that's not the case given that I was used to seeing him every day, even when I wasn't living with us. I'm nearly 17 now and even though I see him a couple times a year and we talk pretty much every day, I miss him like crazy.

Being able to watch my brother's doppelganger on his internet show is really comforting. It's strange how similar they are. They even share the same love for steak and wood.

I love Rhett because of the looks that he gives the camera behind Link's back. He always manages to make me laugh through his sarcasm.

He makes me laugh.

I love Rhett because he is beautiful inside and out.

I love when Rhett tells stories, he’s such an awesome story teller. Which is why I love Ear Biscuits. I always feel engaged and interested in what he has to say.

I love Rhett because he isn't afraid to be himself, and he cares about what others are going through.

I love Rhett because he makes up one half of the best duo of internetainers. He inspired me to live a little and try something new every once in a while in a while

I love Rhett because he always makes us laugh, sing, and dance. His beard is like a cloud and his laugh is so enjoyable to hear, especially in the Mindflex Duel GMMore episode! He always makes me laugh and I always want him to know that he's the best! I love how he dances in some of the episodes (even with Redfoo), and sings with an awesome passion! Happy birthday Rhett! We love you!

Rhett. The man is the definition of anomaly wrapped in a paradox of whimsy. Its all very curious. If one were to climb a ladder 3 miles high in the great plains of imagination in a parallel universe, they would find Rhett at the top sitting on a pink cloud. How is it possible for such an unique fella to exist? Its as if God took stardust, true grit, the thought of a summer breeze, with the crunch of an autumn leaf a cookie and a blue epiphany, blended them up in a tornado and made Rhett Mclaughlin. What did we ever do to deserve such a precious gift?